2008 Triumph Bonneville Special 056 by TpR

Triumph bonneville by TpR Italian Factory The last two Triumph bikes featured on BikeVX one by one are beautiful without a doubt, so is this amazing Bonneville built by TpR Italian Factory from Italy that I have accidentally walked accross today. The bike seamed indisputably cool and I immediately desided to write about it.

TpR is Milan based workshop that was born from a dream and passion for motorcycles and run by Pietro Figini. After having built the bike Pietro had been dreaming about, he realized that there are a lot of people like him out there who couldn’t find a desirable motorcycle on the market and needed the skills Pietro had to build one. So, that’s why TpR was started.
Triumph Bonneville
Special 056 is based on Triumph Bonneville from 2008 and was built for sale. Pietro reworked the chassis a little bit, freshened up the engine and made some performance improvements. The bike is only 160kg. because the bodywork is made mostly from alluminium.

Classic grips fitted on the yellow handlebars look great with the brown leather trimmed flat seat. A rowdy badass look was realized with the knobby tires, gaiters and grilled headlight pulled ahead to continue the visual fuel tank line. A massive blacked out engine seams to be an inalienable element of the overall design.
Triumph Bonneville scramblerVisit TpR Italian Factory website to find more breathtaking motorcycles.