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Royal Enfield 500cc doubled: a 1000cc chromed monster by Hazan Motorworks

Posted by Mark on March 6No Comments
Royal Enfield Bobber by Hazan Motorworks
Royal Enfield Bobber by Hazan Motorworks

'The Musket 2' Bobber is a sequel to a Royal Enfield 'The Musket' build - the bike is so amazingly elegant and neatly built that one would even argue it is perfect. Its younger brother isn't that far away, though. Given the two builds look alike, The Musket 2 must be getting tons of attention and it's just for the exterior - the engineering of that bike is a whole new topic of discussion and admiration.

Royal Enfield Bobber

As the headline suggests the engine displacement has been doubled with a pair of Royal Enfield cylinders powering up now the V-twin engine that resembles a bit an old Harley-Davidson.

I can imagine how much work and adaptation it took to make the whole thing function properly. To house all the extra internals the crankcases were hand-cast, plus the electrical system had to be rebuilt so the engine, which makes up a huge part of the bike's weight, wouldn't have problems running with two pistons.

1000cc Royal Enfield V-twin engine
1000cc Royal Enfield V-twin engine

The Musket 2's bodywork is simple and sleek: everything is chromed and shiny. An interesting detail can be found at the front: the fork and the pair of triple trees are one solid piece with the springs on the bottom. There's also something that particularly tells apart The Musket 2 and its predecessor - the spokeless rear wheel.

The brake pedal has been granted more functionality because of the minimalistic approach with the bike design - especially with the front end and the handlebars. So, the pedal is actually a dual-pedal mechanism controlling both brakes simultaneously or just the rear one.

Two Royal Endields in one bike
Royal Enfield 1000cc Bobber

'The Musket 2' is a truly impressive and finely executed project. I would really love to hear the sound of that massive motor.

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