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You’re probably quite familiar with that feeling when you come across a motorcycle never seen before or you’re just checking the blog you like and find out there’s a new bike published. So, you gaze for a while, go through the pictures and read its story, then you think: “what a great build, it must be awesome to ride this bike!”. In fact, it’s not hard to imagine if you have ridden one before. I don’t know about you guys, but it happens with me all the time. When I find something I like, I want to write about it immediately.

Why you should show your build

I believe that motorcycles will always stay apart from other vehicles, as there is a whole culture grown around them. What I love about it is that one day you’re just a rider and the next – you end up building bikes. That’s awesome, isn’t it? Custom builds often inspire other riders to customize their own bikes. It’s like a chain reaction! So, there are a lot of good reasons to share your ideas, your thoughts and your bike with others who also are into the motorcycle culture.

BikeVX is the right place to do this. We are always happy and excited to write about a new bike in here. I’m sure there are numerous stunning and craftily executed machines out there, but some of them are really hard to find. That’s why websites like ours exist. Send us your bike and we’ll spread the word!

How can you do this? It’s easy

If you’re not sure, because this is your first build ever – don’t be! We write about motorcycles built by professionals, as well as bikes customized by amateur builders. So, take some pictures outside or inside, it doesn’t matter. What matters is quality!  You don’t necessary have to hire a photographer, but it’s important to make them good enough, so everyone can really enjoy your creation.

Even though custom bikes are all about style, taste, looking different and unique, for me and for most of our readers, a published motorcycle can get much more exciting if it comes with a story. So you can send your bike to [email protected], or just fill in the form below and push the button. We will do the rest of the work 😉

  • The file upload field below accepts only one file. As you're most likely to have more than just one picture, please archive (zip, rar) them first and send us the archive. Thanks for understanding.