Triumph “Mad Max” by Mean Machines

Triumph customWhat kind of bike one would like to ride depends mostly on the person’s lifestyle and preferences. Everything, from the engine dimentions to the size of a speedo matters for those, who are looking for the right motorcycle. Even if you’re not building, but buying one, you would chose a vehicle that suits you and makes you happy. Therefore, some of us prefer big and curvy cruisers, while others like something more rowdy – badass bikes, like this one!

This Triumph “Mad Max” was built by Mean Machines workshop located in Sydey, Australia and run by Wenley Andrews, whose love for motorcycles and the motorcycle culture was born back in the time when he was just a little boy. Since then Wenley has built a lot of beautiful machines, embodying in each of them different ideas and unique style solutions, yet creating custom bikes that, in a certain way, are similar, having this kinda “mean” look. I quess, otherwise the workshop wouldn’t be named “Mean Machines”.

the rear endMad Max has been built for sale and undergone a heavy reworking. It’s noticeable even with a naked eye how much the rear section has been changed: raised by 4″, it was completed with an extended swingarms to properly house a lumpy 200 wheel, a mono shock with a custom chrome spring, a custom vortex sprocket along with DID gold chain. In order to mount a slightly shorter than the stock item black and smooth custom seat, MM rebuilt the rear frame hoop a little bit.

Triumph Mad Max rear wheel
Sculpturing the bike, the guys managed to give a bit of agression to the front end by raising the fuel tank. This maneuver made the red and glossy tank greatly match the Renthal fat black handlebars.

Triumph rowdy the overall look
Ahead is a custom made front wheel with 130 tire, rolling between reversed fork legs. The rim is fitted with twin brake discs. MM replaced the master cylinder and all switches with new ones and also hooked up a new custom 2 into 1 into 2 chrome exhaust, routed underneath the subframe. Mad Max now runs off a new ballistic battery, haused in a custom battery box.

Triumph custom
Examining this build I’m barely wondering that it looks terrific. Since 300 hours of thorough work have been spent to alter its appearence and to get it rolling with the whole new collection of custom made details, it doesn’t raise the question why Mad Max turned out such a stunning bike.

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