1966 Honda CB160 Cafe Racer by Circle K Kustoms

Cafe Racer 1966 Honda CB160

This 66′ CB160 is one of the bikes built by a Milwaukee based Circle K Kustoms. The first obvious thing about the Care Racer is the richness of colors and the design details that are pleasant to look at. The build surely reminds of an old-school racing bike. I guess that’s what the CKK were going for.

As for the engineering part, the builders say the bike went through a thorough process of restoring: new pistons, rings, valves, seals, gaskets and stuff. She also has some unique parts.

What I like though, is how KCC team managed to combine all this variety in one thing. Scroll down to see all the picture.

cafe racer honda

front end


the rear


1966 CB 160

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