1970 Norton Commando by NYC Norton

1970 Norton CommandoNYC Norton is one of those workshops that started out as an innocent one bike restoration puplished online sharing the passion and helping other riders. Pursuing no other goals Kenny Cummings registered www.nycnorton.com domain in the mid 90s and begun chronicling his work with 1974 Norton Commando, mixing entries with some images of the process. Kenny says that even in those pre-blog days many people were interested and more than happy to share their own experience.

Through the years this hobby somehow transformed into a successful bike building and restoring business that, according to Kenny, he couldn’t even imagine. This 1970 Norton Commando is a good example of what kind of bikes NYC Norton build and also one of many Norton motorcycles reworked by the workshop.
750 cc norton commando
Initially, the bike was brought by Peter Billow for a simple motor build, but it ended up a striking blacked out badass. The guys say “We’re fortunate to have many bikes come through our shop doors, but without question, this bike has more hair than any other we’ve seen that still retains a license plate”.
NYC Norton's bike
Peter’s final result vision combined with NYC Norton’s skills and actual tunning and performance solutions finely applied to the donor took this 1970 Notron to a totally new level. After complete stripping off, the guys heavily reworked the 750cc engine, fitting it with Amal Deluxe 32mm Carburetors, Maney racing exhaust and housed it in the pre-modified frame with reinforced swingarm.
front brake
The bike has also got PowerArc programmable ignition, Alton Electric Start and front brake stiffening. The cylinder head was decked and ported with NYC Norton Street Porting job.
Norton Commando overall look
As usual NYC Norton has done a great job. As all the motorcycles reworked by them, this bike looks just extraordinary. Check out other Norton bikes on NycNorton.

Images by NYC Norton