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Triumph Bonneville EB043 by Ellaspede

Posted by Mark on December 25No Comments
Triumph Bonneville custom

How to find the best way to customize your Bonneville? It depends. If we're talking about mild customization then one of the options is the aftermarket accessories - different covers (seat, sprocket, cum), badges, panniers and other items which are destined to give a motorcycle a bit more bite and give an appearance that fits you better. If you're looking for something a little bit more creative and individual there's another option. Find someone who knows how with only a few minor changes and alterations build the bike that will fully satisfy your needs. That is what Steve (the guy who this stunning Triumph Bonneville has been reworked for) must have felt seeing the final result of Ellaspede's work.

Triumph Bonneville custom
Bonneville the front end
the seat and side bags
Bonneville K&N filters
beautiful Triumph Bonneville

Steve came to the guys from Ellaspede looking for some advice about a donor for the project he'd been having in mind. After some research the list of all possible candidates was narrowed down to just a few and a bit later Steve brought this 2007 Bonneville to Ellaspede garage. As the guys say, "... it was the ever-popular Triumph Bonneville that was sporting some custom bolt- on items".

Having the starter bike candidate taken care of, they set up and thought through some future design details and got started. As you can see, while it's still clear Bonneville the bike has obviously gained a unique breathtaking look. The stance was lowered and the rear rim was outfitted with double stripe lumpy Shinko tire. For the rear suspension the guys used progressive Harley Davidson shocks with custom shims and bump stops. The fork protrusion helped to ajust the height of the front end.

Ellaspede kept the design simple and classy - black and white for the bodywork plus nice brown leather for the seat and the side bags. Expanding the style, the guys also covered all the wires with the same Kangaroo leather. As they explain,  "it did a bang-up job in producing an authentic chesterfield result that really suits".

The seat and the panniers not only look great on the bike, but they also must be really comfortable and practical. In case, Steve decides to take off the side bags and open the view on K&N filters, the electrics has been relocated to clean up the space around them.

The front end comes with the headlight adorned with grill, while the rear got modified Sparto taillight. Low mounted Acewell gauge nicely sits above the headlight, taking advantage of freed up space. Front guard and chain guard are stock, but trimmed to fit the overall style. The rear one is custom made with an Ellaspede “Ninja Star” plate mount bolted on.

"I’m sure other people would do things differently and that’s what’s great about custom building" - that's right, indeed! This build is amazing, though! See more pictures of it here.

Images by Ellaspede

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