1971 Triumph Tiger by Vintage Steele

1971 Triumph Tiger

Here’s 1971 Triumph Tiger by Josh and Chris at VintageSteele. The bike was built for Jim Walsh who came to the guys late last summer with the idea in his head, which he drew on the paper (see the last image). ‘He drew this picture and said this was the general idea of what he wanted. So we did just that’, they say. In fact, Josh and Chris managed to replicate that drawing so well in real life that some VS’s facebook followers asked if that picture was made after the bike had been finished.

Triumph Tiger 1971 by vintage steele

There also are other guys who helped to pull this off: Caleb Matthiesen (seat), Matthew Hyde (Powder coating), Mark Propster (Vapor Blasting).
Triumph 1971 by Vintage Steele

Triumph 1971 custom
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Jim’s drawing.
Jim's drawing