1975 Ironhead XLCH Flyin’ High by Show Class Magazine

75 Ironhead XLCHBram from Show Class Magazine has recently introduced us on ChopCult to his new custom Ironhead XLCH “Flyin’ High” bike which had already crossed several countries with a new stance. This summer its reliability was tested by performing a long trip: Germany, Denmark, Sweden (for Jokers show), France and the UK. As expected, the bike passed it easily.

Ironhead custom Flyin' HighThe story of Ironhead began when the shop owner bought it 10 years ago, changed completely and then sold it to a girl who carefully rode the bike for years until Bram bought it back from her, as she needed money. He reworked it a little but decided to give some serious thought to its further customization.

The rear end of IronheadFor the next two years or so, Bram was gathering information and sundry bits for the upcoming build. As it often happens the project was changing several times in the process, but the bike he wheeled out of the workshop at the end was absolutely gorgeous and worth all time and money spent on it.The front end of Flyin' HighFlyin’ High has a stock 35mm front end w/ 21” Avon. The Dunlop K70 18″ rear wheel is covered by modified rear fender. Bram discovered some problems with the frame that were fixed thanks to Iron Pit. When he got the frame back he spotted in the engine (that by the way, hasn’t been touched), rewired it and started sculpting the bike.Overall look of IronheadBram mounted Frisco style fuel tank and custom oil tank. For illumination, the stock lights have been used. The exhaust system, as well as tons of other details, was provided by Iron Pit. Rattlecan paint job finished the build.Flying High bikeVisit Show Class Magazine to see what they’re up to.

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Images by Jelle&Bram