BMW R1200R by Lazareth

BMW R1200 customThis is one of those motorcycles one can easily fall in love with at first sight. What you see here is a mix of scrambler and cafe racer completed with the modern engineering solutions. Well chosen design, from painting to the tires, has completely changed the initial donor’s appearance and transformed it in the new “neo-retro” look.

This BMW R1200R has been customized by Lazareth.

BMW R1200R front customThe back has been significantly reworked. First of all, Lazareth got rid of the bulky rear fender. Even though the rear suspension hasn’t been changed a lot, the wheel was replaced by a cross-spoked one with an all-terrain tire, covered by a short low fender.

Moreover, after a little swingarm modification, the license plate, the backlight and the turn indicators were bolted just behind the wheel. So, this way the “cafe racer” seat remains clean.BMW R1200R modified front endIf you’re familiar with the original BMW R1200R, you might have already noticed that the front end has also been remarkably changed. It packs a wide front wheel, a reversed fork and almost straight handlebars finished with the tiny mirrors on both sides.

BMW R1200R fuel tankBMW backThe dents on the fuel tank are an authentic signature of cafe racer motorcycles.

A set of two pairs of tiny turn indicators and a small analog speedometer (that aren’t even noticeable at first), the mat black fuel tank and the seat represent nothing but minimalistic style. No doubt Lazareth has done a great job here.

bmw_6The overall look is kinda rowdy.riding cusom BMW R1200RVisit Lazareth website to see more pictures of the bike.

Images by Charly Rosset