HD Softail “Crowned Stallion” by Rough Crafts

Harley Davidson Softtail by Rough Crafts
Simetimes photographers can make miracles playing with light, posture and background, so the object in the picture would look more appealing than it is in the real life. What you see here is HD built by a well known workshop – Rough Crafts. This Softail doesn’t need a miracle to look fantastic in the pictures. The photographer has done a great job and I think that it’s really anjoyable and quite easy to make a good photo of a beautiful and skillfully made build like this.
Harley Davidson Softail custom
A solo traktor-style seat, hulky wheels 15″ and 16″ from the guys at Exile Cycles, massive black HD engine with stylishly routed shiny exhaust pipes – these are a few distinct features that along with other parts, make the bike look gorgeous.
Harley Davidson Softail engine
The guys installed their Finned Air Cleaner and fitted the headlight with Grill. Head over here to see some other parts for sale.

Harley Davidson bikeCheck out RC bikes on www.roughcrafts.com.