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Custom 1949 Panhead Treasure Hunter by Chip Motorcycle

Posted by Mark on October 28No Comments
1949 harley davidson panhead custom

The word "treasure" has an amazing influence on people: when we hear it, our ears pick it up and we get pretty excited about the story being told, even if it's just a fiction. That's probably because treasure normally comes with adventures and fortune - two things people will always be willing to experience in their lives.

Harley Davidson Panhead custom

Having such an extraordinary name -  Treasure Hunter - this postwar Harley Davidson can still be a treasure itself. For passionate riders and those who like thе pleasure of riding a motorcycle which had been made before they were even born, such number as 1949 is already an evidence of the significant value.But, what makes it even more desirable is the art work and passion invested into this build craftily performed by a Japanese workshop Chip Motorcycle.

Custom panhead the rear
custom fuel tank artwork
"tractor" style solo seat
the pannier

This HD bobber doesn't have a front fender, it's equipped with a retro "tractor" solo seat and two lumpy wheels. The art work on the fuel tank is just gorgeous and highlights the overall style.The bike got a shabby pannier hanging on the rear fender that probably serves the purpose of carrying found treasures ;-). A square box was bolted on top of the fender.

the front end - 1949 Harley Davidson

Treasure Hunter has been decorated with little figurines and numerous custom details. With that look, it can easily pass an audition for some cool Hollywood adventure movie.

Head over Chip Motorcycle website to see more pictures of the bike.

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Images by CM

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