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Honda GL1000 "Patience"

Posted by Mark on October 7No Comments
Honda GL1000 Cafe

I have come across another good example how an old bike, that was left in the snow "to die alone" and didn't have a chance to hit the road for more than 25 years, was taken in good hands and not only fully recovered and adapted to a new "сafe" look that suits it surprisingly well, but also was called "Bike of the Year 2013" by NGW Club.

The bike is based on Honda GL1000 and has been built by a guy from Texas Hill Country, Texas. She needed complete disassembling, as well as cleaning and repainting. It took about a year to get everything setup and get the outstanding machine that you see here. Ok, let's quickly go through the changes made before the bike went for the shakedown ride with a totally new look.

The old seat pan was reworked in order to fit the new fiberglass cafe tail with the original but whittled down seat foam and a little bit modified seat cushion. According to the owner, it turned out pretty comfortable.

What took the huge amount of time was drilling holes in the rotors: "...drilled each hole twice (started a pilot hole, then the full-sized hole, then chamfered BOTH sides of EACH rotor...all in all about 650 actions on the drill press for this job...". But the job has been greatly done. Take a look.

Holes in the rotors

The wheels got new tires. Both rear and front fenders were cropped. The new superbike bars were drilled out to accept the control wiring. The Emgos mufflers and the ceramic coated headers are responsable for exhaust.

Three coats of color and three coats of clear made an old engine look like a new one. The bodywork has been painted in yellow and varnished. So, with the new color, renewed motor and the ultimate design this bike has all rights to get compliments once it's on the street.

Find more pictures on the forum.

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