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Faucon (The Falcon) Yamaha RD350 from Moto Essence

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Yamaha RD350 Falcon

The Falcon is a project built around Yamaha TZ350 frame with the 2-stroke, 2-cylinder engine from mid-70s Yamaha RD350. The bike with the originally German name "Faucon" was designed and brought to life by Dominik Hermes and Oliver "Havana" Werner who for the last 25 years have been restoring and customizing motorcycles in Gauting near Munich (Germany).

A few years ago the guys started their own brand and named the company "Moto Essence" (What a great name for a motorcycles building company. Isn't it?). Falcon project was born when Dominik and Oliver were invited to participate in 2016 Essenza. Initially, the guys were planning to take part in Glemseck101 races with a four-cylinder bike but as they approached the organizers they were proposed to consider "Essenza" - a category where professional builders and manufacturers teams compete.

the rear of The Falcon
Yamaha RD350 Falcon

The requirements for the race were pretty simple: 2 wheels, 2 cylinders, 1200cc, no dragsters, so a four-cylinder bike wasn't an option anymore.

While preparing for the competition the guys choose a little different approach: instead of assembling a 1200cc beast they stuck, as they said, to the essence of motorcycling and bet on the lightweight and nimbleness of the future build.

RD350 handlebars

The guys kept bodywork to the minimum, redesigning and repurposing parts for the greater speed. The cowl was fabricated from a fender, the wheels are 70s magnesium set and the tank is hand-made. Sam - a friend from Munich took care of upholstering the seat.

Falcon's engine

The Falcon Yamaha RD350 is a kind of ME's personal interpretation of race performance. With not 1200 but 420cc, not 190 but 90hp and less than 100kg. the bike looked quite non-conventional among other participants.

Moto Essence's Yamaha RD350

The team managed to finish the project just in time. The bike didn't win but the performance was great. "The Falcon flies like hell", the guys say.

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