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Triumph Bobber project by TFC1 team

Posted by Mark on January 29No Comments
Triumph bobber

On May 2014 two teams of volunteers where invited to "Triumph Motorcycles" to participate in the build-off as celebration of the iconic Bonneville. Two experienced groups of people - team TFC1 and team TFC2 - recieved two brand new Bonnevilles to use their best skills, imagination, talent as well as craftmenship and build a custom bike that would amaze the public and win that competition. The bikes were supposed to be showcased online and the one that got more facebook likes would win.

Triumph Bonneville bobber

So, meet the winner - The Bobber by TFC1 team. This iron horse with the retro styled front and modernized rear end totally deserves the status the bike was given. By the way, check out the other - The Scrambler.

The guys were imagining this bike as a classic bobber, but still not quite. "The team’s desire was to take the Bobber ethos and really push the boundaries...", the organizers say. So, that is what thay did and the result is just fantastic.

Triumph custom bobber

One of the most noticable details of this build is the reverse cylinder engine that has been completely reworked for this purpose. That was the decision which allowed the bike to "breath" more efficiently as the carbs with the air filters were directed towards the airflow, and gave the exhaust pipes the space to be routed easy and elegantly.

Triumph Bonneville custom bobber

As for the front end, the team gave The Bobber some nice features of different eras. For instance, classic laced wheel is equipped with the modern style disc brakes. The girder forks that you see, were completely redesigned and improved to get the bike better handling and make sure that no problem associated with this kind of forks would appear.

Triumph Bonneville

Another significant detail of this build is the way the frame is completed. Instead of welding the guys used the bespoke adhesive (thanks to ThreeBond) to bond frame elements together. This method gave the frame nice and clean look and enhanced its overall design.
Another interesting challenge for the volunteers who joined the TFC1 team was reorganizing and relocating all the electronics and sensors. In order to build "the ultimate contemporary Bonneville"  they had to keep EFi system, which caused some problems at first as there wasn't suitable place for it in the new design. So the guys came with a simple idea - they split 69 Bonnie US Export fuel tank into two sections, used one of them for electronics components and the other for its actual purpose - fuel.

The Bobber

One can't fully imagine just by looking at the pictures the whole amount of attention that's been payed, as well as the work that's been done. If I had to characterize this bike with one sentence, I would probably go with the one I found on the Triumph offical website: "The Bobber - a Bonneville that echoes Triumph heritage whilst providing a breath-taking showcase for our contemporary custom excellence".

Fantastic job, guys! Head over here to find more information on this Triumph bobber.
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