Triumph Scrambler by VDBMoto

Triumph scramblerAt first glance, it seems that this Triumph has had rough time and gone through some really exhausting challenge: just look at that hole on the tank, which itself seems to have been laying outside under the rain for a while, so the natural weather processes started to erode the metal. Also the ammo box hanging behind on the frame, obviously isn’t a stock item.

Well, that’s the beauty of this build. What you see here is a coctail of scrambler and dirt bike. Its owner – Derick from NY, USA – wanted to combine different features from both styles to build a bike externally attractive like scrambler, but at the same time practical for an extensive off-road usage – just like a dirt bike. The final result you see in the pictures.
Triumph scrambler ammo box
Derick grew up in beautiful Toscany, Italy. His love for dirt bikes comes from his childhood and teenage years. The first bike he rode was Yamaha YZ80, later when he was legally allowed to ride Derick swiched to much more nimble motorcycle, but still of the same kind – Honda XR600R.
Triumph Scrambler by Derick at VDB Moto
After travelling from place to place, discovering the world, taking pictures and having fun, Derick finally settled down in the U.S., New York City. Being back on two wheels he started experimenting and building bikes that whould handle well both: off-road trails and city streets. One of them is this awesome Triumph Scrambler.
Fuel tank
Derick says, that Triumph Scrambler is a good choice if you want to build something special. The starter bike was stripped down and some parts have been removed to lose weight. The fuel tank condition, which I was speaking of earlier, was reached with the help of vinegar and salt solution. As the result it gives the bike a special spirit.
ammunition box
Derick also reworked the exhaust pipes: he shortened them and fitted with two mini GP style mufflers. In order not to waste any piece of metal he used the mount that served to support pipes, to hang the ammo box which turned out to be a perfect place for storing a picnic set in case you get hungry exploring new trails on a weekend.

Triumph a mini led speedo
Derick mounted Renthal ultra low handlebars, got rid of the original instrumentations and installed a mini led speedo to the left side of the engine. The ignition key also went there.

The seat is custom made. As for the lights, the bike now got a round LED bates style tail-light and a headlight with yellow filter and black grille.
the engine triumph
The wheels were shod in Continental TKC80 knobby tires. As for the suspension, Derick  fitted lengthened adjustable Hagon shocks at the rear and equipped the fork with progressive springs. With such combination the bike is great for any kind of road.
Triumph Scrambler by VDBMoto
New exhaust, K&N filters and some other improvements gave this Scrambler extra power, so as Derick says, it feels like a totally different bike.

There aren’t lots of builds that Derick has already performed, but this one is the first he considers as a real one.
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