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Harley Davidson Softail Blackline "Grey" by SS&C

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Custom Harley Davidson Softail

This Softail is lucky to be owned by a guy who has many passions for beautiful stuff like bikes, cars, watches and vintage clothes. This bike is probably his favorite, as it's got a little bit of each of the things mentioned above embodied in the design and overall style by Shaw Speed&Custom. The workshop admire working with this kind of clients, as the build often comes with a challenge requiring an extra attention and a total understanding of client's needs and what he or she dreams about. As they say, "the first essential quality of a great custom builder is to understand a client, not to build only what he wants but to create what he dreams of, very often without him being able to precisely describe it".

So, in order to build the vehicle that blends with its owner, the bike had to undergo a complete transformation and get fresh new features. An obvious centerpiece of the build is this complementary color scheme inspired by the Porsche 918, which also joins the collection of the owner's most loved things.

custom Softail Backline Porsche style

Blackline stock "bare to the bone" kinda bobber look - that's why this donor was chosen and that's, in fact, what helped SS&C to sculpture a motorcycle that reflects all of three - cars, watches and vintage clothes.

the seat

First, SS&C tore down the bike and started with the engine, giving it an upgrade from 1584cc to 1690cc and fitting it with the Roland Sands Clarity line parts, "letting you see the engine work like the mechanism of a Swiss watch". The rear end was heavily reworked to house a lumpy 18" 240mm wheel of Boss design from Performance Machine. As usual, the front wheel is bigger - 21", however, the rims have the same look and also represent watch internals. The Boss theme extends to the brake rotors and the belt drive spocket, giving "Grey" needed features to fit the owner's lifestyle.

Harley Davidson Softail exhaust

The fuel tank is hand-made by Dave Rollison and if you're familiar with the race cars, by looking at the scoops on both sides of the tank, you may have already guessed where the inspiration comes from. SS&C has mounted a solo seat provided by Roland Sands. The front end comes with the PM's fully equipped handlebars, a small digital speedo and a V-Rod headlight - all what the bike needs and nothing redundant.

the bike is outside

In contrast to gray color SS&C fitted the bike with a few glossy green details that give this build certain amount of visual flavor.

Harley Davidson SS&C build

To see SS&C's other bikes, head over their website.

Images by SS&C

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