Triumph Soul Train by Ton-up

Triumph custom by Ton-upTon-up garage company located in Portugal has recently introduced us to a new custom Triumph Soul Train which, as well as many others motorcycles they have customized, is designed in the style of 50th-80th.

If you’re familiar with the motorcycle industry and especially with triumph bikes of this period of time, you will probably see that Ton-up team has made a bike with a pure vintage design (changing very little in the basic look), but at the same time, they’ve given it a new soul.

triumph custom bikeExcept a new unique painting with a little bit of general restyling (fuel tank color and style, engine covers and the seat), some details were redesigned or replaced. As you can see, the front fender is short and small, as well as the rear one. The head-light is smaller too and to keep the front fork “clean”, a new bracket was chosen over traditional ones. No doubt, it looks better like this.triumph soul train custom from topLower handlebars – another noticeable change. What is more a head-light, a tail-light and four indicators were changed and replaced by compact ones and also relocated.

triumph custom turn indicatorsWith a shiny look lost, the bike’s got dark and more aggressive one.triumph custom on the streetsFind more pictures of Triumph Soul Train and more bikes here.

Images by Ton-up Garage.