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Suzuki Pixie Seiemmezzo by Anvil Motociclette

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Suzuki GR650 cafe racerMeet Suzuki GR650 Pixie Seiemmezzo. Designed and built by Anvil Motociclette team from a regular 80s model, the bike's moved from an ordinary to a high level of greatness. Marco and Alessandro - the guys behind an Anvil workshop - like to keep things their way. It's an Anvil style and philosophy that sets all their projects apart.

The guys prefer to give a bike a pair of bulky wheels and, in most cases, a top end of a cafe racer or brat. Highly contrasted dark and light colors, lowered front end and of course the heartily finished tank that immediately draws proper amount of attention to Anvil's builds.

1984 Suzuki cafe racer by Anvil

For this particular project the guys chose a 1984 Suzuki GR650 model only because of its engine. The customer wanted a lightweight, easy to use bike with the "classical" aesthetics, so this model seamed to be a good choice for the technical reasons (definitely not for the aesthetics ones though).

The thing is a stock 1984 GR650 is more like a comfortable cruiser motorcycle with an "elephant" seat, big headlight and tail-light, as well as the handlebars couldn't possibly serve to embody the Anvil's intended design. That's probably one of the reasons why, according to Marco, it was the worst starting bike they have ever worked with.
engine GR650

After purchasing the donor the guys started off by rebuilding the rear end. They cut off the frame completely and made a new one from scratch. The front fender's gone and for the rear, a light brushed aluminium Wez item was fitted.
Suzuki GR650 cafe racer

Wide handlebars have been replaced with a set of Tommaselli clip-ons. The guys wanted a headlight that could fit between the fork legs, so they placed this compact item in between. The same thing for the rear-light.
GR650 the look from above

The top end of the bike is completed with a Giuliari 70 style seat made by Anvil and, as Marco says, 'the strength of the bike' - Kawasaki S3 tank, that was reworked to comfortably sit on the frame and left with 'bruises' on the outside for the aesthetic purposes.

The original Suzuki GR650 stance didn't actually suit the Anvil's philosophy of motorcycle building, as it was 'chopper like' with a higher front and lowered back. So, they lowered the front a bit to move the center of gravity forward and the rear 16" rim helped to have a lumpy tire while keeping a wide enough distance between the wheel and the fender.
Suzukin GR650 by ANVIL

'The horrendous mufflers cones were laid off and replaced with two torpedoes from old Norton, the filter box and the tray under the saddle were dismantled. Thanks to two stainless steel flanges there are two cone filters that help with the new mufflers performance...'

As a result of the transformation, we've got a relieved bike, that is agile, fun and enjoyable to ride even if you don't really like sporty style riding.
1984 Suzuki GR650 by Anvil

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Go to our Google Plus Album to see more high quality pictures of Pixie Seiemmezzo.

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