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1968 Benelli 250 replica for classics lovers

Posted by Mark on March 8No Comments
1968 Benelli 250 Classic

At the beginning of the 20th century when the time was dramatically different and the machine building with engineering had just opened new opportunities and knowledge for people, those who could foresee the upcoming changes and were on to something had a great chance to leave their names in history.

Dreams that are almost unrealistic and even silly to go for now were quite possible in 1920s-30s. The demand at a newly established market and a relatively small competition made it quite real. So, opening a bicycle repair garage and hoping to end up as a world class motorcycles manufacturer wasn't that foolish a dream but a very rational expectation.

No need to list all successful examples - we see bikes proudly named by their founding fathers all the time but there is still one exceptional story about Italian widow, her six sons and the dawn of Benelli bikes.

1968 Benelli 250 Classic

Hoping to give her children better future Teresa Benelli invested all her money into a family business - motorcycles and bicycles repairing workshop. Two of the sons went to study Engineering in Switzerland and in several coming years the workshop started producing its own spare parts needed.

Step by step Benelli garage won the attention: first Benelli made engine adapted to a bicycle frame, first 1921 Benelli built 98cc motorcycle and then a broad popularity when the youngest Antonio Benelli ("Tonino") won four Italian championships in five years riding Benelli 175.

Benelli 250 1968

Coming back to our bike. This 1968 Benelli was assembled in 2013. The bike is completed with old stock parts as well as some new ones produced to look like the original Benelli. The design was thoroughly shaped to replicate the classic Benelli racebike of the 60s.


Even though the bike was sold on the Zurich Classic Driver auction for $13,000 and considered rather a valuable piece of art than a racing machine, its engine was restored to withstand a racing competition among the motorcycles from that Era.

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