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Urban Motor's artly creation - Jawa 350 "Easy Like Sunday Morning"

Posted by Mark on March 13No Comments
Easy Like Sunday Morning Jawa 350

The surrealistic 1964 Jawa 350 with a self-describing name "Easy Like Sunday Morning" has only one main purpose - to win the race. Every single detail of the whole construction is meant to help this racing machine to fly through the air as fast as it can while the smooth surface of the extremely slim bodywork reduces air resistance to bare minimum.

Urban Motor garage are responsible for this grace. The bike was put together for the Glemseck 101 event, taking place in Leonberg, Germany at the beginning of September. Glemseck 101 is a kind of a place with a high density of cool bikes and interesting actions per square meter, so if you like riding/looking/touching nice builds and happen to be nearby - don't miss it.

Jawa 350 from behind

From what I know about 1964 Jawa 350, I would guess Urban Motor team chose this particular model for the torque and speed potential. Jawa 350 might be many things but for certain it's not short of acceleration power among motorbikes from the same division. Combine it with weight reduction and you'll get a brisk racer ideal for a sprint.

There is not a lot left from the stock set up here. Visually - only engine. Two light wheels look like items from an old moped, are both 23". Usually, wheels are found beneath the frame of the build, but it's not the case with this one. Here we have an alloy fabrication in the middle, that was nicely levelled up with the huge rings on the sides and the only thing that goes above the Jawa "Easy Like Sunday Morning", is a rider.

bike top

the whole construction from the top

Let's take a closer look at some specs bike's got. On top of clean and glossy look, 350cc motor also got a Jikov carburetor and  for an exhaust, the UM garage went with easier but power efficient alternative - they simply ditched big silencers.

The front suspension and handlebars were fabricated by Marvin Diehl of KRT Framework. Marvin also helped with a silvery silhouette shaping. There's no need to overload such a racing bike with illumination, therefore you won't find turn signals or lights on it.

Urban Motor's interpretation of a racing motorcycle instilled into this Jawa 350, blends old style with a progressive approach. That's why, as I said at the beginning the build gives off a surrealistic vibe.

Urban Motor's Jawa 350 racebike

Pictures by Urban Motor/Tim Adler

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