1979 Honda CB Four 500K by Anvil Motociclette

Honda CB500 KAn anvil pierced by an arrow – a sign that makes no sense for most of us, but means a lot for two guys from Italy. Marco Filios and Alessandro Phonz Fontanesi believe that if a passion is strong enough it can overcome any obstacles. That’s what the arrow pierced throught the anvile symbolizes and that’s also what motivates the guys to work with engines and build beautiful motorcycles.

Marco and Alessandro customize bikes mostly from 70s and 80s. As they explain, in order to realize full bike potential, they always intend to find that essential spirit that helps to understand what this particular motorcycle should look like. Anvil Motociclette apply such philosophy to every single build, including this Honda CB Four 500K.
Honda CB 500 customThe headlight that beautifies the front end, as well as the tail-light installed under the hand made alluminium seat are unique Anvil items. Black leather was used to trim the seat, skillfully designed by Anvil in “cafe” style.

Tomaselli clip-onsThe clip-ons are by Tomaselli and Laverda fuel tank is nicely reworked and painted by Anvil. The bike is powered by stock blacked out CB 500 engine fitted with stylish white Marving exhaust pipes.
"Cafe Racer" seatThe carbs were fitted with special Anvil filters. Also, as always the guys used foot pegs, fabricated by Anvil Motociclette workshop. This build can be defined as something between a cafe racer and a brat bike with lots of features characteristic of all Marco and Alessandro’s motorcycles. I believe that’s the style of Anvil workshop.
exhaust pipesHonda CB500 Cafe RacerHead over to www.anvilmotociclette.com to find more great bikes.