1975 Honda CB550 Brat by CZero Media

honda cb550 cafe bratDo you know the saying ‘everything new is well-forgotten old’? You might also say that something new is just great looking old. This trend of putting old and rusty looking parts on bikes is pretty common nowadays. I see it all the time. In fact, one of my favorite bikes designed this way is this Triumph by VDBMoto. The thing with this kind of style is to keep the balance between new shiny details and old looking ones because if you go overboard with rust, you might end up riding just an old wreck.

The balance I’m talking about is well illustrated in this 1975 Honda CB550. The bike is built by CZero Media workshop from Detroit, Michigan (USA). The build is considered to be something in between cafe racer and brat, but from my point of view she has more brat features.
Brat Honda CB550The exhaust pipes look as if they have just been brought from a junkyard: the paint is peeling off leaving brown hue caused by the high temperature. Although I find it totally suitable for the overall color scheme, the pipes are going to be treated to nice titanium thermal wraps to cover all the failed painting – as declared at CZero.
Honda CB550 brat carbs
With the re-jetted carbs the bike works really great and sounds cool (watch the video below).
Brat by CZero
The flat brown leather seat matches the grips and the tank, while the frame and the rims are deep shiny black. The exhaust is 4 into 1 with a simple muffler protruded from underneath the engine. As I said, this isn’t the final result as there still are some minor adjustments to be made (shocks setting, wires hiding etc.) but basically, this is exactly how the bike’s gonna look like and I like it. Enjoy the video.
CB 555 brat by CZero Media