BMW R80ST 1984 by Fuel

BMW R80 ST 1984 customAfter five months of challenging work, The Fuel Spanish team has built an exclusive custom motorcycle from an old BMW R80 ST 1984, which is now designed and seriously improved for a tough off-road use.

Guys from The Fuel say that before starting customizing or reworking a new bike they always pay close attention to what a bike owner is aiming to do with it, what he dreams about and where he would like to ride his new “one in the world” motorcycle. There’s where the actual work starts.

BMW R80 ST custom speedometerFeisty motor, reconstructed frame that is shortened and strengthened now, totally different front fork (from BMW K75 Sport) and an off road rear wheel allow to drive it in the woods with trails or in the mountains and have fun. I bet anyone who likes exploring nature, adventures and fresh forest air would like to have one like this.

BMW R80 ST 1984 custom in woodsIn order to ride a new Fuel BMW R80 S Trial in places like the one in the picture above, the brakes had to be improved. The decision on was to use 320mm oversize disc, a 4-piston caliper Brembo and Nissin master cylinder.

custom fuel BMW R80 S Trial brakes diskClassic enduro grips match a solo seat – it was a perfect choice.

custom BMW bikeWell, if I didn’t know that this BMW R80 ST has already been ridden for a few decades, I would easily believe that it was its first ride ever. It looks fresh, shiny, well designed, constructed and built. Nothing even tells that some details are taken from different models. Everything fits perfectly. Really great work.

BMW R80 TS motorcycle customImages by Fuel.