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BMW R80 McQueen by Urban Motor

Posted by Mark on September 19No Comments
BMW R80 1985 custom classic

Recently, I have written about the BMW R80ST 1984, that had been rebuilt for off-road use in the Alps. Feel free to check out what that bike has been transformed into and what it's capable of now. Continuing German 80th's motorcycles topic, today I want to introduce you to a BMW R80 1985 McQueen custom bike, perfected by Urban Motor.

BMW R80 rear fender and tire

Urban Motor have mentioned on their website that "customer was looking for a scrambler, but found a way of life: McQueen". Although this bike wasn't commissioned, Peter says, "we were inspired by a customer who wanted to feel like Steve McQueen ;-)". I believe, with such an inspiration "McQueen" couldn't get less cool.

After the customization, the bike has become lighter (the drop in weight is 25kg), handy and reduced, that suits perfectly for both - city roads and countryside trails.

BMW McQueen front end
BMW R80 rear fender and backlight

Both wheels have been changed: black, powder-coated rims with classic crossed spokes and the new tires (obviously the rear one is slightly wider than the front one). At first, the fuel tank (from G/S) was supposed to be painted differently, but as it fitted perfectly in the new design the blue color remained. The engine still has 50 HP, but UM have totally reworked the gearbox, the drivetrain, the chassis and the electrics, wich together with the weight loss has given the bike a much better performance.

The fork was just a little bit modified - the old brackets were replaced by the new ones in order to install a new head-light. Also, there was one "place saving" solution to manage handy and practical turn indicators replacement: two pairs of indicators were attached to both sides of the handlebars, just beside the grips. It looks great on this bike.

BMW R80 profile

Front and rear steel fenders are custom-made as well as the seat. The modified exhaust system works just fine with one silencer.

BMW from behind

"We just tried to build an urban scrambler style", says Peter. Well, I'm sure the customer was astonished seeing the bike after the customization had been finished. Great job!

Images by Urban Motor GmbH

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