Kawasaki Z750 LTD “Monkee #61” by Wrenchmonkees

Kawasaki Z750 by WrenchmonkeesAfter such a significant amount of bikes rolled out of their Copenhagen based garage, the guys from “Wrenchmonkees” obviously don’t need an introduction. A lot of Per and Nicholas builds became an inspiration for builders. And I see why! Going through the pictures in WM’s bikes collection I’ve found different models and different styles and designs that shows a range that the team can work in.

This particular bike “Monkee #61” is based on Kawasaki Z750 LTD. Per and Nicholas changed a lot, however the bike was built around a standard frame. The fork is also a standart item, but it was lowered by 60mm and fitted with Progressive springs. The rearshock are Hagon Nitro.
Kawasaki Z750 LTD cafe racer
The fuel tank is a stock item. The tank with the rear Dunlop (140/90×16”) bulky tire gives the bike a kinda hulky look. Also, to highlight the back lines, WM designed and fabricated the one-off seat and license plate.
Kawasaki Z750 Wrenchmonkees
Kawasaki 750cc engine was completely overhauled and fitted with Kawasaki Gpz 750 UT pistons. The guys kept the exhaust headers, but changed the old mufflers to Megaton cafe style mufflers. The curbs are Keihin CR equipped with Uni filters. The team also got rid of old wires, switchs, ignition coils and buttons replacing them with the new ones. Finishing with the electric system, Per and Nicholas installed Sportster headlight and LED rearlight.
Kawasaki Z750 Monkee #61
I’m sure that this fender free front end just couldn’t look better with something other the clip-ons, so WM’s Low Race Handlebars with great looking Renthal grips on the sides, were skillfully mounted on the fork.

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