Custom 1978 Moto Guzzi SP “Machine 9” by KaffeeMaschine

Moto Guzzi 1978 SPThis bike was built by a German customizer Alex Budde of KaffeeMaschine workshop. Well, that’s not a hot news, as it was finished in August 2013 and has already found a home, however, that is not a good reason why one can’t write about a great custom bike.

The bike has been through a complete disassembling and an engine rebuild and improvement. Once Alex got the donor, he took it apart and started to build a new custom “café racer” the way he wanted it to be, which was a classic bike, comfortable to sit and ride. Overall, it turned out great and, furthermore Alex has managed to enhance performance and make some cool style changes.

Moto Guzzi by KaffeeMaschineThis Moto Guzzi got a combined brake system that stops both wheels simultaneously by pushing a single pedal. The engine was fitted with Budde’ special cylinders and 1000cc pistons that suck gas from 36mm carbs. The whole electric system has been modified and minimized that allowed Alex to house a glove box between the side panels.

glove boxThe bike retains a classic Moto Guzzi style thanks to a custom made saddle by Alex Rothe, a Moto Guzzi Le Mans II fuel tank, that was mounted after some frame rework, a Yamaha front fork and the Wilbers rear shocks.

Moto Guzzi front endThese green and black colors are really complementary to the bike. Obviously, following the tradition, Alex has named the bike “Machine 9”, which is simple and rememberable.

Moto Guzzi SP overall lookSpend a few minutes and go through other Alex’ bikes on his website.

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Images by KaffeeMaschine