Vincent Franco’s 1970 Honda CB750

Honda CB750 IronA dream is one of a few things that keep people going no matter what. Having one makes you capable of doing extraordinary actions and creating stunning things, like this Honda CB 750 for example. This gorgeous vintage bike (the product of dreaming, learning and experimenting) was built by Vincent Franco from Sacramento, US and, without a doubt, proves what I said above.

Vincent is in love with the vintage motorcycles and says that he’s always wanted one, but that seemed a “far-off dream”, until he bought his first CB175 for a very reasonable price. That was a start. He explains, that having that Honda done, he was definetely hooked up and intended to build more, as there was something about stripping down a bike and putting it back together –  “…a pleasure that never gets old”.
custom CB 750 cafe racer
After a few more “resto/mods”, Vincent found himself ready for the first real build. The starter bike – Honda CB750 – wasn’t that hard to find, but, as it turned out later, a little harder to alter the way it was supposed to be. By Vincent’s own admission, as usual there are things that could have been done differently and also those that he should have known before setting out. But anyway, after two years there she is – a breathtaking vintage Honda CB 750.
Honda CB 750 by VincentMany details have been used after figuring out whether they work or no. The bike is carring a reworked engine with an 836 kit and APE studs. Ken at CycleX helped to setup carbs for the open exhaust/velocity stack combo. Rear-sets come from a CBR929 and controls are from a 2013 ZX10R. New bearings, spokes, wheels freshened up the bike and improved the handling.
The front end
Progressive suspension was mounted at the rear, CycleX triple tree and extra low bars outfitted with the classic brown grips extended the overall vintage look to the front.
Iron cafe racer Honda CB 750
For those, who feel like falling in love with this CB750, I have great news – the bike is for sale. Head over to Vincent’s website to find more info.

Images by Jeremy McCain