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Interview with Dustin Kott from Kott Motorcycles

Posted by Mark on March 17No Comments
Dastin Kott from Kott Motorcycles interview

Dastin Kott from Newhall in California owns a bike building company "Kott Motorcycles" that a lot of you guys might actually heard of as Dustin's builds are something that can't be easily forgotten if once seen. By the way, a few of them I've featured here: Yamaha XS 650 1972 and 1979 Honda CB 750 The Veritas. Being into motorcycles all his life, Dastin admits that he can't imagine doing anything esle but building bikes. And I believe him, as each his creation proves that there is much more than just metal pieces, rubber and leather parts behind all this, it shows magnificent teamwork of imagination, inspiration and delight. That's probably why Dastin's made a great business out of his hobby.

Anyway, despite the fact that Kott's workshop is a really busy place, Dastin found a few minutes to answer my questions. So, here we go.

When was the first time you rode a motorcycle? What was it?

The first time I remember being on a motorcycle was when I was two years old, sitting in front of my dad. The first bike I ever rode was a little 1966 Honda S90. I loved that bike and I still own it and ride it to this day.

Why and how did you get into the bike-building business?

Interview with Dustin Kott

I have loved motorcycles my whole life. Doing what I do is something so inherent in me that even now I cannot believe that it has become my career. This is a hobby turned profession that I never dreamed would have made it this far.

What bike/bikes do you ride?

I do not have time to ride for pleasure as much as I would like to but I extensively test ride all my builds. My personal bike is a 1971 CB 750 we call The Original. I have ridden this bike from California to New York and back again.

Is there a modern motorcycle you would like to own as it is?

Dyna Super Glide Custom

I would love to get a Harley Dyna at some point. My builds are for solo riders so it would be nice to have a bike to accomodate a passenger.
What is your thought on the future of motorcycle ideas and concepts? Will riders want something different in 10-15 years?

In my opinion and from my experience, riders will continue to want a stripped-down, simplified motorcycle. As technological advances increase, it seems that a demand for a one-off, handcrafted machine also increases.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the truth. In a world full of imitations and counterfeit ideas, I strive to portray the truth in a tangible manner on my builds. I am inspired by the laws of physics and motion that provide parameters within which to work as well as the freedom to expand the mechanical and artistic potential of a every build.

Kott Motorcycles

Name 3 best places you have visited on your bike.

Wow, narrowing it down to 3 is tough as I have been to many amazing places. Okay, 3 of the best places I have visited on my bike are:

1. Grand Canyon
2. New York City
3. American highways

Thanks for your time and we wish you good luck and just keep on doing what you do, because your builds are great.

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