Honda CB350 Brat “Skyler” by Scott Di Lalla

1973 Honda CB350This year’s annual Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club ruffle bike was built by a well known director, cinematographer and producer – Scott Di Lalla. A few of his best works are Choppertown: The Sinners, Choppertown: From the Vault and I Am ZoZo, The Harbortown Bobber.  The event took place on September 13 and the whole bike building proccess started in May. So, overall there was roughly 4 months to complete the build – obviously not that much!

The donnor – 1973 Honda CB350 – was provided by Shannon Sweeney who customized the last year’s bike. Scott intended to build a brat styled morotcycle – low and fast, so he had her tore down completely to realize the envisioned idea.
brat cb350
First, Scott took care of the subframe, shortening it and reshaping so it would have an upward bended loop at the end, got rid of the unneeded details to make a to be fabricated seat fit tight and look flat and clean.
Skyler by Scott Di Lalla
After that the engine internals were heavily refreshed – new oil seals, timing chain, gaskets, piston, rings, valves, resurfaced head, new and updated cam chain tensioner etc. What’s more, following the recommendation of Chad Williams, Scott chose a 520 chain “…to lighten the drive train up a little and geared it so it not only has some power around town but also will have some left in the top end.”
honda cb350 brat style skyler cb350 rear end

At the beginning of September our old Honda CB350 became a totally new bike – improved, redesigned, the one that would bring lots of fun to her owner.  From all the people who could win Skyler the one who was lucky enough was Jason Lewis – a Sex in the City actor. Interesting thing – Jason didn’t keep the bike, he gave her to his buddy Sheenon, as promised before the ruffle.
Honda Skyler CB350
I guess it was a little bit hard for Scott to give away his creation, but a good thing is that Skyler stays in Los Angeles.
Find more about Scott Di Lalla and his work on his website.