Honda XR600R Tracker by OzzCustoms

Honda Honda XR600R TrackerWhat associations come to mind when you think of Trackers? For me it’s nimble, fast, lightweighted etc. A tracker is a godsend for those who like sharp turns and narrow streets. With good handling a bike may bring a great amount of joy to a rider and feeling of envy to gazers but with such appearance I guess it’s an ultimate pleasure.

This XR600R Tracker is a work of the guys at Ozz Customs. Jeroen Potters with his friend and two sons worked on this project for several months and when the build was finished Sieger Homan took care of the photographing.
XR600R street tracker
This is a complete ground-up build with many bespoke and adapted details. The frame is XR600R’s item, the forks were replaced with the ones from Ducati 748R. Front and rear Suzuki GSX wheels are outfitted with knobby Continental Enduros tires.
Flat Tracker Honda XR600R
The Honda CB’s tank is continued by a 1 1/2 seat, apholstered with kinda tan leather. The number plate is naturally hanging behind the rear wheel leaving the tail free of any excessive details. The bike is finished with mat black and brown.
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