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1981 BMW R80 "De Caf" by Kevils

Posted by Mark on April 10No Comments
BMW R80 cafe racer
BMW 1981 cafe racer

I've seen quite a lot of cafe builds and must admit that I really like ones that are based on older BMW models. There's something in their basic frame and engine shapes that makes the bike's design look neat and clean and also the sound of BMW motorcycles is one of my favorite. The thing about BMW bikes is that besides a great cafe potential, they might also be easily rebuilt in awesome bobbers with retro traktor seat - but that's a story for another day. Today I'm willing to present one of the latest Kevils Speed Shop's bike - BMW R80 "De Caf", which in my opinion, proves everything I've just said.

Improved and lightened up De Caf belongs to Gabe, who lives in London and owns "a new world coffee shop", located in Shoreditch district in the East End of London. I've never been to London, but they say that Shoreditch is a very good place for such business since this area is pretty popular. I guess now I'll have to visit it when I go in London.

BMW R80 rear end
fuel tank stripping
exhaust pipes
fairing and headlight

Gabe was very picky deciding what the bike should look like. Before making up his mind he went through tons of pictures of different bikes on popular motorcycles blogs like The Bike Shed. Being inspired by many cool builds Gabe finally came up with the idea of his own custom bike, which was skillfuly implemented by Kevils workshop.

De Caf's design and color schemes are minimalistic and simple - bare brushed top and satin black painted bottom. The fairing is a brushed alluminium item, as well as the seat and the tank, wich are also adorned with the tan leather stripe matching the grips and the seat upholstery.
The satin black painted engine, transmission and alloy snowflake wheels were given a little contrast by fitting Kevils high positioned stainless exhaust system with a black cocktail shaker muffler. The guys have located the licence plate with the tail-light above to the right side, giving the rear end a totally different look and keeping the tail clean.

To give the front end, as they say, an "ultra modern twist", the workshop fabricated a unique headlight fairing, so the halo led headlight would look a little bit deep inside in it.

The overall build looks well taken care of. I'm sure it brings Gabe a lot of joy as well as gives some visual charm to his shop, just staying in front of it.

BMW R80 by Kevils Work Shop
Standard BMW R80 vs Kevils De Caf

You can find BMW R80 "De Caf" and many other breathtaking bikes on KSS website.
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Images by Ashley Kent

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