1979 Honda CB 750 The Veritas by Kott

Honda CB 750 by KottSeveral beautiful custom bikes have been recently revealed and published on the Kott’s website. All of them are Hondas rebuilt into amazing (as usual) cafe racers and one brat (The Jade Green 350).  If you have been keeping an eye on Kott’s work or read our article about his Yamaha XS 650, you already know that he deals mostly with Hondas, transforming each one into a unique one-off “cafe” styled bike. However, when the challenge comes to build something different (brat in this case), workshop easily proves that they can change traditional concept and sculpture a mind blowing motorcycle.

As for The Veritas, the bike is extremely rich in shiny parts and bodywork indentations that gives the design this inimitable transfusion of light and dark tones. It is especially great looking in combination with the BMW charcoal gray paint used to creat this particular color scheme.
Honda CB 750 cafe racer
The guys mount 750 Supersport fuel tank, with 2 pairs of indents: 2 for hands and 2 for knees. The same indents were added to the seat cowl, but these two, as Kott says, “to maintain a steady and comfortable aesthetic that paired well with the BMW paint selection“.
cafe racer seat
1979 Honda CB 750 is an authentic cafe racer completed thoughtfully not only for a visual pleasure, but also to give a great performance and rider experience. So, the engine has undergone a complete rebuilding, the ignition system was optimized and the carbs internals (wich are working with 4 into 2 header pipes) were selected to also work with the custom velocity stacks.
the engine Honda CB 750
The new electronic components along with the unique heat shrunk wiring harness were located under the seat cowl. The guys pay great attention to the ergonomic efficiency of each build. Therefore, Honda CB 750 The Veritas got hand-crafted and skillfully positioned rear set plates that were optimized to go with the seat pan.
1979 Honda CB 750 by Kott
Kott says that “Often times the inspiration for a build can revolve around one single component. In the case of this 1976 CB 750, the rare and valuable four shoe front drum hub of the Suzuki Triple Two-Stroke Series became that very component”.

Well, the bike is truly beautiful and the brass electroplated details look great with the “Kott” on the fuel tank.

Find The Veritas here.