Board Tracker with a Bobber touch by OEM

Royal Enfield Electra X by OEM In the infancy of the motorcycles industry “two hoops and an engine” that was all that the motorcycle was about. Nowadays lots of builders follow this concept and don’t miscalculate. Choosing one of many great ideas what the bike may look like, offered by the past, they get simple, but truly breathtaking results.

This “PUP” is a mix of a board tracker and a bobber made from Royal Enfield Electric X by OEM. The name comes from “Sopwith Pup” – a World War I biplane flown by the RAF. It was small-sized and had a great maneuverability, so as this bike.

Board tracker the front endTo get a proper look, OEM have made some frame modification, mounted a custom fuel tank, scalloped with leather knee pads, and bolted Brooks Sprung leather saddle. The fork legs have been lowered by 1.5’’. Along with that, the fork was equipped with modified Aprilia RS50 yokes to get the front end that suits the bike’s overall style.

Board Tracker Fuel TankBefore slotting in, the engine, as well as the gearbox and the attachments, were painted and polished (some parts were also chromed). The exhaust system is stainless steel custom fitted with one mini buffle. Stainless steel is also the same material the custom bars for this Electric X have been made from. Undersized aluminium front and rear fenders slightly cover the 19″ wheels, running  Avon Roadrunners tires.

the wheelsBrake system: Royal Enfield drum brake on the rear and modified Aprilia RS50 caliper with Royal Enfield disc on the front. Lucas rear light and Mini Bates headlight were hooked up to provide required illumination.

board tracker from behindThe bike is painted in green and black with yellow pinstriping. After all, that’s definitely the look the guys from OEM were going for. Another stunning build!

Find more pictures on PUP’s page.

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Images by Old Empire Motorcycles