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Suzuki DR600 Tracker by Fuchs

Posted by Mark on October 7No Comments
Suzuki DR600 street tracker

I wonder, why is it harder to realize the amount of work that's been done when you take the first glance at a cool and perfect build than when you see another one, done not so well? Maybe the project was envisioned and thought through so well, that along with the attention paid to each detail, the builder has managed to complete the bike with perfectly matching components. So when you see them hanging together, you just can't find a reason why they shouldn't be there in the first place. That's what every custom project should be about - a bike that makes you stop and ogle for a while.

This Suzuki DR600 Tracker is a really good example. I found it on Moto-Mucci and then visited Max's ("Fuchs") website and flipped through all the pictures of the bike and the building process. It has amazingly refreshed my knowledge of what usually stands behind such project.

Suzuki Tracker engine
Suzuki exhaust pipe

Max's bike with such a high mounted rear fender and humped fuel tanks makes an impression of very light and svelte-looking one. And it's not just an impression. In fact, there is nothing to weigh it down with.The exhaust system, (initially comes with one muffler, as two pipes are welded together once they come out of the cylinder) has been made from the scratch and designed with the set of two high mounted cone mufflers, that are placed in line with the round tail-light.

Suzuki DR600 Tracker the back

It's a cool, light and stylish bike - a real tracker and a truly talented build.  Head over to the build page and admire the whole collection of pictures of the bike on different stages.

Images by SMTT-workshop

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