Greg Hageman’s Yamaha XV920R

Yamaha XV920R by Greg HagemanGreg Hageman‘s motorcycles building style is something unbelievably attractive. Each time I write about his new bike I catch myself thinking how much attention he must be paying to details and how balanced they are. I mean, each detail seems natural in its place and even more – every single thing Greg puts on his builds adds an integral feature to the overall look. That’s just talent combined with experience and of course, a good taste!

This Yamaha XV920R looks very similar to the Virago bike built by Greg for Billy Joel – a well know American pianist, composer and singer-songwriter. At first, the bike wasn’t supposed to be for sale, so all the ideas and decisions are entirely the product of Greg’s imagination. As he explains, he was looking for a simpler and lighter version of the previous Virago, but with some tweaks though – ‘a bike that was kind of showing its age, but in a graceful way’.
Yamaha by Greg Hageman
There’s one interesting thing about this build – frame section above the swing arm is missing. This weight-reducing technic is used by German bike builder Sepp Koch. He says, that absence of this part of the frame causes no security risks whatsoever. He’s been using this tweak for years and successfully tested every bike. Long story short – that allowed to lose a few more lbs and in total, Greg managed to get rid of about 70kg(150lb). ‘I like to think that it looks like some alloy-eating termites have got to it’, he says.
1981 Yamaha XV920R by Hageman MotorcyclesThe bike has a very simple electric system – there’s only a few things you would use: LED headlight, tail-light and stoplight, that’s it. For those, who like to keep things simple such a set is just optimal. As for the wheels, Greg was looking for the retro-styled ones, but not, as he mentioned, ‘some useless old bricks’. So, Dunlop K75 suited perfectly as well as two 19 x 1.85 (front) and 18 x 2.15 (back) stainless spoked shiny rims.
Yamaha Virago by Greg HagemanThe seat’s design is Greg’s idea. As he explained in the interview for Pipeburn, he came up with this idea ‘to try to emulate a little touch of Black Shadow styling’.
Greg's YamahaBoth fenders are made from stainless steel. The carbs are Minkuni VM34 and exhaust is a modified Mac with a repro pea shooter muffler. As for the handlebars, the pair of Tarozzis clip-ons were chosen.

Although, Greg built this awesome Yamaha for himself, the time came when he decided to let it go. The bike was sold on ebay to the buyer from Denver, Colorado.

Read he whole interview here.

Pictures by Erick Runyon and Gears and Glory