Kawasaki Z1100 ST Big Z Racer by Macco Motors

Kawasaki Z1100 ST customIt must be an absolute treat to ride this 1100cc Kawasaki, especially with such eye catching external look and its gutsy burble. But ironically it was the power that brought the bike back to Mocca workshop for the next customization. As the guys declare, “Sandro, the previous owner had a little scare in her, so he was told at home no more bikes”.

Having the bike again in the garage, they couldn’t help but rebuild her into a cafe racer, the idea of which had been in their minds for a long time. The guys believed that Z1100 ST Big Z had lived its life and needed to be transformed into something fresh new. So, Mocca decided to repurpose Big Z into Big Z Racer, based on the same frame, but with a totally different style and color scheme.

Kawasaki Z1100 ST cafe racerThe first noteworthy thing is a significant amount of work gone into this build. Starting with the engine overhauling and subframe modification, Mocca went all the way through and got an amazing result at the end.

Kawasaki Z1100 ST the front endThe front end is fitted with the clip-ons with black Beston grips, to stress a cafe racer style. Big Z Racer also got a new black seat made by Maccomotors, an apt single speedo and new lights (Bates for the front and Texas for the back). Old side panels were replaced with the new ones – round and a bit bulging. Mocca mounted custom made fenders to slightly cover the wheels.

The rear end of Big Z RacerA wide and lumpy rear wheel with Metzeler Lasertec 16″ tire, is peeking out from under the rear hoop. It makes the rear end look a bit more agressive. The front end comes with a much more modest Metzeler Lasertec 18″ tire. Following the intended style, the guys decided to hook up a new exhaust system. For that, they modified and adapted Kawasaki Zephyr 1100’s exhaust pipes, that turned out to be a good alternative.

the engine and exhaustKawasaki Z1100 ST Big Z Racer comes with  new brakes, Marzocchi E81 rear shocks and a tiny left side bar-end mirror. The painting work was finely executed by MoccaMotors workshop. I believe whoever buys this motorcycle will have a great time riding it or maybe even watching it standing in a garage!

Z1100 ST cafe racer on the roadHead over to Macco’s website and take a look at other pictures of Big Z Racer.

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Images by MaccoMotors