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Yamaha XJR1200 "Sunburn" by it RoCkS!bikes

Posted by Mark on September 29No Comments
Yamaha XJR1200

If you ask me why do I like the custom bikes so much, I will say, that's because they always blend with their owners and I'm sure that riding a bike that fulfills one's dreams is more than just an ordinary ride.

Yamaha XJR1200 from the front
Yamaha custom from the back

This Yamaha XJR1200 pushes the boundaries of imagination. Along with the smart engineering solutions, comes a real talent of its creators - Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos from Oporto, Portugal. The bike was commissioned, but this particular design and the model choice weren't customer's. In fact, before the actual work started, guys had been thinking about building something "different and provocative, with a retro look". You can see in the pictures that it turned out really well.All that's left from the donor is the engine, the swingarm and a part of the frame. Everything else was changed or reworked. Being the engineers, Osvaldo and Alexandre intended to build a handy bike with a great performance. Assembling the bike afresh, they managed to lose more than 33kg. of its weight. Moreover, after an air flow improvement and the carbs proper tuning, the engine has gained additional 12-15 HP over the initial 100.Yamaha XJR1200 the seat and the fuel tank"Clip-ons", the fuel tank dents and the seat - all are the signature traits of "cafe racers". The only difference lies in the fuel tank and the seat designed as one solid piece. By the way, this kind of design has already become itRoCkS!bikes's trademark.Old wheels have been replaced with the lighter XJR 1300 "Kineo" (17*3,5 front and 17*6,0 rear) ones, dressed in Michelin Pilot Road tires - 120/70 front and 190/50 rear. The front end comes with the reversed fork and brake calipers from Yamaha YZF, old school custom made headlight, digital instrumentation from "Motogadget motoscop pro" and controls by "Motogadget" m-Switch. Brake system: two 320mm floating discs on the front wheel and one 267mm on the rear one.Yamaha xjr1200 profileWrapped "straight through" exhaust system makes it loud and "angry". "It roars and spits fire like an old school race engine", say the guys. But that's how the customer wanted it.

The battery box was moved into the swingarm. "Not to spoil the rear look", the license plate has been relocated on the left side of the bike and completed with 2 tiny Leds as tail-light.Yamaha XJR1200 by itRoCkS!bikesThe bike finished with varnish - glossy on the top and mat on the sides. Head over to It RoCkS!bikes facebook page and check out what they are up to and take a look at their other bikes.

Also, find more pictures of Yamaha XJR1200 on our Google+ page.

Images by Rui Bandeira

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