Cruzer by MOTOPED

Cruzer by MotopedMOTOPED company from Kansas City (Missouri, USA) offers this nice motorized bicycle called Cruzer. The moped weighs about 120 pounds and takes one gallon of fuel per 130 – 160 miles. Cruzer is also equipped with pedals so you can exersise a little to keep yourself in shape :-).

The idea of this bike is to provide the customers with a reliable motorcycle that can take you on a long distance trip for as little money as possible, treating the environment responsibly.
moped with pedals
The Cruzer’s style is something between a vintage motorcycle and a modern bicycle. You can see a mono shock, disc brakes that all of us got used to these days, modern forks and handlebars. On the other hand, there are two retro looking high wooden fenders, a spring seat and a square shaped tank with wooden trims on the sides.
modern moped
The company offers two models with a little different specs and additional accessories. First, there are 49cc and 125cc models. The second one is clearly faster and more powerful.

Secondly, there are racks and bags that Cruzer can be customized with (like in the picture above) to be even more practical.
disc brakesMoped Cruzer
Head over to MOTOPED’s website to see more info.